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Concealed Weapon Permit



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Thank you for your interest in our Concealed Carry class. Upon completion of this course you will be eligible to receive your concealed weapons permit from the state of South Carolina. You can complete the SC Concealed Weapons Permit training in one day and below is the agenda for our class:


7:30am-8:00am      Registration

8:00am-12:00pm    Basic Pistol Knowledge and Test

12:00pm-1:00pm    Lunch

1:00pm-3:30pm      SC Gun Laws and Test

4:00pm-Until Complete: Firing at the Range must score 35 out of 50


Current and former Law Enforcement and Military personnel are exempt from portions of the course. Please contact us for details.


Each participant will need to bring the following to class:

1.     Concealed handgun/pistol (option to rent a pistol is available)

2.     State Driver’s license or ID

3.     Holster (must be fixed to your person, i.e. a waist belt). (Can purchase during training)

4.     50 rounds ammunition (Can purchase during training for most calibers)

5.     Hearing protection (Can purchase during training for most calibers)

6.     Eye protection (Can purchase during training for most calibers)

7.     Black pen

8.     $55.00 cash or charge to cover background check by SLED, and mailing application to SLED.


If you do not have a handgun you will be able to rent one for $35.00, which includes the ammunition you will need to complete the course. If you do not have ammunition for your weapon we have ammunition available for purchase, but please call in advance to make sure we have what you need in stock.


You will be outside for an hour or two, so dress accordingly. Jeans, slacks, or shorts with pockets are needed, as you will be required to put your extra ammunition in them while firing your handgun. Open top shirts and blouses are discouraged, as the hot expended rounds will find their way to your skin. Close-toed shoes are required in order to shoot at the range.  


If you would like to bring a sandwich and/or snack please do, however we do have drinks and snacks available. There are restaurants and convenience stores close to our location and you will be given an hour lunch break. 


As already indicated you will need to bring a SAFE, functional handgun to class (remains in your automobile until told to remove it by your Firearms Training Instructor). You may use a semi-automatic or revolver in any caliber. Please DO NOT bring modified or competition handguns. FIREARMS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM unless FIRST AUTHORIZED by the Training Instructor. ALL handguns will be inspected for SAFETY before use. NO AMMUNITION or LOADED GUNS are allowed in the classroom BY ANYONE, at ANY time. Firearms brought to the Firing Range MUST BE UNLOADED and CASED or HOLSTERED. Firearms will only be brought from your automobile when instructed by the Firearms Training Instructor.


South Carolina law requires that all handguns carried in an attended or locked automobile be secured in a closed glove compartment, closed console, closed trunk, or in a closed container secured by an integral fastener and transported in the luggage compartment of the vehicle. SAFETY is PARAMOUNT. Please refrain from comparing handguns with other participants during training and/or at the range.

Should you have a medical condition that LIMITS your ability, or physical disability, please advise us. Training locations and directions will be provided to you after your registration is accepted. Uniform Standards of performance for each task will be evaluated by a written test and practical application. A positive ATTITUDE and SAFE handling of firearms MUST be demonstrated to the Training Instructors satisfaction. Participants who refuse to follow safety practices as demonstrated in class and/or repeatedly act in an UNSAFE manner WILL BE EXPELLED and will not receive a refund. The Training Instructor’s judgment will be final in ALL cases. Completion of this class DOES NOT authorize you to carry a concealed firearm. Upon graduation of this class and satisfactorily demonstrating both written and practical application skills, you MUST apply to SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) to become a CWP (Concealed Weapons Permit) holder.


Your cost for this course is $65.00/$50.00 for 2+/$35.00 for Veterans and LE/First Responders cash or card. Training includes range fees, targets, handouts and all course material, including a Certificate of Training. A deposit of $35.00 will reserve a seat for you. If you do not put down a deposit we cannot guarantee a seat in the class for you. Fees are non refundable, however if you must cancel, we will train you in another class at your convenience over the next year.


The class will start at 8:00 am, please plan on arriving by 7:45 am in order to check-in and gather course materials. The classes will be held at:


Freedom First Outfitters

501 Old Stagecoach Road

Camden, SC 29020

Phone: (803) 391-8836



Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at our next CWP class. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


Our Utah Concealed Carry Permit training class takes 4 hours, and covers all of the requirements to obtain the Utah Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permit. The course is a classroom based course taught by NRA certified & Utah BCI certified instructors.  Course instruction includes:  handgun safety rules, handgun parts and operation, ammunition, fundamentals of shooting, safe firearms handling, Utah criminal & traffic code, practical and legal considerations, and more.

The Utah Non-Resident Concealed Firearms Permit is one of the most sought after concealed weapons permits in the United States, and here is why:

You do not have to be a Utah resident to apply.

The training is typically conducted in approximately 4 hours.

There is no requirement for firing range qualification. (However, all applicants must complete a firearms familiarity course certified by BCI.)

The Utah Non-Resident Concealed Firearms Permit currently provides the holder the legal right to carry a concealed weapon in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania,  South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming. 

NOTE: Firearms laws change frequently and it is your responsibility to stay abreast of these changes. I suggest the websites and/or visit them regularly!

We do a lot more than just teach a Utah concealed carry permit training class. We also provide the required:



2x2 Photos

We also mail everything into Utah 

All you have to do is pay $55 in addition to the training fee to cover these services along with your application fee and wait!

You must be 21 years of age.

Have not been convicted of an Alcohol related traffic offense within the last 10 years

Have not been convicted of a felony.

Have not been convicted of any crimes of violence

Have not been convicted of any offenses involving the unlawful use of narcotics or other controlled substances

Have not been Convicted of any offenses involving moral turpitude

Have not been convicted of any offense involving domestic violence

Not been adjudicated by a court of a state or court of the United States as mentally incompetent, unless the adjudication has been withdrawn or reversed. 

Note: A criminal background check will be conducted for all applicants. 

The class will start at 8:00 am, please plan on arriving by 7:45 am in order to check-in and gather course materials. The classes will be held at:  

Freedom First Outfitters

501 Old Stagecoach Road

Camden, SC 29020

Phone: (803) 391-8836



Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at our next CWP class. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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